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China has successfully developed the world's most wide duplex stainless steel plate

 "China Energy Report"

Academia Sinica, National Power Investment Group announced April 6, led by well-known experts and organize joint research related businesses, recently successfully rolled out a completely independent intellectual property rights of 3.5 m super-wide hot rolled S32101 stainless steel plate. This is not only a Chinese technology and product generation nuclear power key equipment and materials, independent of a major breakthrough, but also at home and abroad to fill the gaps in width and high temperature performance.

Identification results China Nuclear Energy Association released the same day showed that 3.5 m wide stainless steel products width home and abroad, the results reached the international advanced level; solve the super-wide stainless steel edge rolling occurred during cracking, delayed surface cracks , instability and high temperature mechanical properties of solution treatment issues.

It is understood, S32101 duplex stainless steel because of its corrosion resistance, fatigue life, yield strength and excellent economic characteristics, widely used in the construction of three generations of nuclear power plants, mainly equipment and construction that is moderately corrosive environment. The amount of AP1000 nuclear power plants and CAP1400 single reached 4000 tons and 5000 tons. But such steel plastic poor, difficult process, relying on the project started before the AP1000, the domestic industry for ultra-wide S32101 duplex stainless steel of basic research in basic white, domestic mills can not achieve large duplex stainless steel independent of production.

In the international arena, we have recently developed a plate width of 3.2 meters wide duplex stainless steel, but the high temperature performance is unstable or non-compliance situation also exists. Therefore 3.2-3.5 meters wide over most suitable for duplex stainless steel plate CAP modular manufacturing, the current international and domestic are in the blank.

S32101 duplex stainless steel project Distinguished experts Lu Huaxing introduced since the project started relying on the AP1000, well-known domestic steel mills have implemented rolling S32101 plate width of less than 2.6 m, so the purchase price of steel imports fell from 100,000 / tonne to domestic 50,000 yuan / ton, and has the surface quality of the sheet has been effectively improved. But domestic manufacturers for 2.6 to 3.1 m width of the sheet has been unable to break out of its key technologies. "We developed the S32101 duplex stainless steel sheet plate width of 3.5 meters, 3.1 meters beyond the previous international standards, by saving nuclear power plant construction module welds, reducing module manufacturing cycle."

Information shows that in CAP1400 modular construction, using 3.5 m instead of 2.6 m steel steel splicing, a single nuclear power plant will save 300 meters of weld, its meaning is: to reduce the module can be synchronized to reduce the workload of the manufacturing process consumables testing WELDS reduce maintenance costs and increase equipment safety; reflected in the construction schedule, from manual welding to the subsequent ultrasonic and penetrant testing links, a single nuclear power plant structural module manufacturing cycle can be shortened for nearly two months, the construction of nuclear power lifting speed.

"The successful development of ultra-wide S32101 is the key to China's nuclear power equipment and materials localization, independent of a major breakthrough, not only can improve our guidance of special steel in international competitiveness, will help promote China's equipment manufacturing industry from the low-end to high-end forward. "Lu Huaxing representation.

According to Lu Huaxing introduction, S32101 duplex stainless steel sheet, the three generations of nuclear power not only during the construction of large-scale, mass application of major special steel, but also the field of petrochemicals, ships, bridges and other widely used high-quality steel. Current national CPI Academia Sinica in a mature grasp S32101 duplex stainless steel plate ultra-wide production technologies based on, have been small batch trial. Follow-up will gradually form a stable mass production capacity.

National Power Investment Technology Management Director Fan Ji-hong said that the current focus on the supply side is promoting structural reforms, the supply side is a good low-end products to solve a lot of duplication, excess capacity, lack of high-end production capacity issues. "Super duplex stainless steel Wide successfully developed, not only to fill our short board special steels, to achieve the world's leading, it is also important to implement the central achievements of the supply-side reform, for partners and participants, having market potential and investment attractiveness of the project. "