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Development of the steel industry "broken" and "stand"

China's economic construction steel is an important support, its role can not be replaced. However, with the electricity supplier of steel continue to rise, the traditional steel industry to develop into a predicament. Faced with weak demand, excess capacity, inventory, lower prices and other issues, China's steel had to seek a breakthrough, realize industrialization "broken" and "stand."

"Broken" - upgrade

This year is the "Internet +" year of creation and development. In the government work report, Premier Li first proposed the "Internet +" action plan, with the various departments have introduced policies. At this point, the top of "Internet +" design completed. For the traditional iron and steel industry, "Internet +" is like a shot in the arm, power industry restructuring and upgrading.

November 18, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, to deploy technology to speed up the upgrading of enterprises, promote the industry towards high-end. The meeting held that accelerate enterprises to upgrade technology, "Made in China" gluten bone health, quality and efficiency, the formation of new competitive advantages, is an important measure to improve the supply and expanding demand, both imperative, but also long-term plan.

The meeting decided, the focus "Made in China 2025" focus areas, enterprises play the main role, in accordance with the principles have to maintain pressure, market-oriented, in order to improve quality and efficiency as the goal, to start the implementation of a number of major technology upgrade project, support light industry, textiles, iron and steel, building materials and other traditional industries have market enterprises to improve design, technology, equipment, the level of energy efficiency, reduce costs, to support innovative enterprises and new industries grow.

In a series of policies to promote, China's steel industry restructuring has been a new impetus. Internet era, creating countless magical. Although the steel industry is a traditional manufacturing, iron and steel and the Internet does not mean there is no intersection. To achieve China 2025, "Internet +" is the only way.

"Establishment" - construction steel

The steel industry to promote e-commerce as the most important consideration, highlighting the degree of national attention. "Internet + steel industry" is a feature of a new product, a new win-win model. Meanwhile, the "Internet +" is also a steel industry transformation and upgrading of the inevitable choice.

With the 4G mobile networks and the popularity of smart phones, the number of mobile Internet users has skyrocketed. In order to seize the market, many steel companies will be transformed in order to move the client PC. "Construction steel" Mobile vertical search is based on the mobile Internet and the construction of an information platform, which is different from vertical search in the traditional sense, and indeed is a APP software. With the rapid development of the Internet, through a search engine, the huge amount of information is difficult to query the most direct information. Use "construction steel" vertical search, information can Watch points to achieve precise query. In this regard, as represented Liang Zhou said that we have developed is in line with the great changes of this era, our steel industry to develop new opportunities and provide a broader and more convenient platform.

However, the return to reason, the traditional steel industry is facing weak demand, excess capacity, inventory, lower prices and irrational structure and other issues, the steel industry "winter" has only just begun. For this reason, we can not evade, do not avoid. All things are two sides, "construction steel" platform is also true, that is facing a huge challenge, but also with a development opportunity. Only the steel industry has experienced "broken" and "stand" in order to compete in the future in an invincible position.