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Situation China Stainless Steel Industry Analysis

News Source: Sina Finance

China's direct impact on Chinese stainless steel alloy and alloy ore market and foreign markets, 2015 was a watershed in China's stainless steel industry, business model, product homogeneity leads to fierce price competition enters a new stage of the shuffle, the operating characteristics of the given brand open market expansion of a new journey.

The future of China's stainless steel market will continue to grow, production will continue to rise significantly. With the development of stainless steel, problems have emerged. As upstream chromium and nickel-based stainless steel, which is mainly dependent on imports of raw materials, changes in the foreign market will directly affect China-chromium-nickel alloy market.

November 20, stainless steel prices and LME (London Metal Exchange) nickel price decline in sync, so pessimism in the market continues to diffuse, nickel prices fell to $ 8,650 / ton, hot rolled narrow 304 new disk immediately dropped to 10,400 yuan / ton this low. Do not rule out speculation will compete for the nickel price to new lows, but not the only factor in nickel prices affect the cost of stainless steel, stainless steel product prices can not blindly follow the passive, stainless steel industry management needs Features Innovation.

Stainless steel products output growth decline. Chinese stainless steel crude steel production increased from 524,000 tons in 2000 jumped to 21.692 million tons in 2014, 15 years increased by 40 times. In 2014, Chinese stainless steel crude steel production remained double-digit growth of 11.2%. But in 2015, affected by the economic downturn and continued falling prices and other multi-hit individual smelters cut production. Stainless Steel Council of China Special Steel Enterprises Association of the same caliber statistics show that the first quarter of 2015, crude steel production fell 1.37%; Despite improvement in the second quarter, stainless crude steel production in the first half but still only an increase of 0.68%; before three quarters of stainless crude steel production was 16,130,400 tons, an increase was maintained at 0.68%.

Chinese production of stainless steel products since 2006, has maintained double-digit growth. The first half of 2015, each monthly national stainless steel household products industry overall is still upward trend; However, beginning in the third quarter of 2015, the situation of the national industry, stainless steel products a reversal, yields gradually decline, output fell in October 9.53%. National Bureau of Statistics data show that 10 months of 2015, the national household products stainless steel production fell 1.81%, the growth rate fell 17.09 percent.

Prospect Industrial Research Institute believes that Indonesia's policy restrictions about Chinese imports of nickel ore, nickel ore Philippines, although it is difficult to meet the Chinese market, but China stainless steel and will not sit still, we can increase the production of 400 lines, reducing the nickel alloy dependence. But we reduce the demand for hard chrome, is not the so-called non-chromium stainless steel, so as Mr. Li Long said, the chromium may be the future of stainless steel production constraints. Chinese chrome ore and limited resources, more than 85% are dependent on imported ore. Thus increasing China's stainless steel production, the requirements of chrome increases, chrome ore consumption also will increase. And foreign investors will take the opportunity of its strong chrome ore prices, the Chinese market is facing such a situation chromium, also must find a way out in a timely manner. So where is the way out in the end, China will continue to carry online ferroalloy industry colleagues has been struggling efforts to continuously self-development.