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China's stainless steel products industry will have a huge space for development

Stainless steel products are made of stainless steel as the main raw materials from household items, industrial products collectively. Because stainless steel products with a smooth surface sturdy, easy to accumulate dirt, easy to clean features, it is widely used in building materials, decoration, food processing, food, brewing and chemical industry. With stainless steel products demand continues to release, product types and specifications have become increasingly rich and complete, the production process is also rising, more and more extensive applications.


       Champoux consulting industry analyst pointed out that with the acceleration of China's demand for stainless steel products to improve people's living standards and industrialization process also continued to increase. In 2011, China's demand for stainless steel products is about 12.95 million tons in 2012, China's demand for stainless steel products is about 13.8 million tons, an increase of 6.6%. In 2013, China's demand for stainless steel products is about 14.76 million tons, an increase of 6.9%.

As the home appliance industry, automobile industry, real estate industry, machinery manufacturing, environmental equipment, medical equipment, daily necessities, stainless steel industry and other industries demand for stainless steel products increased, thus contributing to the production of stainless steel products industry continues to grow. From the demand for stainless steel products in the world to analyze the needs of developing countries for the common stainless steel products are mainly civilian, in the main sheet, but the demand for stainless steel products in developed countries is based on building, industrial-based, visible residential development to a certain extent will gradually shift in industrial demand. Therefore, with the development of China's civil stainless steel products demand and expansion in the future of China's industrial structure adjustment gradually put in place, the production of stainless steel sheet to achieve self-sufficiency in the main, this time due to the trend of industrial development potential demand for stainless steel will emerge, industrial decided after the basic realization of self-sufficiency, will still maintain a certain amount of imports of stainless steel products with special requirements, but also lead to a new restructuring of stainless steel products industry.

Champoux consulting released "2014--2018 China's stainless steel products Forecasts and Investment Strategy Report" that Chinese stainless steel products market has good prospects for the development of compelling products showed compact structure, advanced technology, increased functionality and reasonable price well decorated and so on. Meanwhile, container and metal packaging containers are also showing a good momentum of development. In the future, the industry will tend to be more diversified products, technical level and product quality will steadily increase, competition and the market will be further rationalized, together with relevant departments to further standardize the implementation of China's metal products industry, as well as preferential policies, stainless steel products industry will have a huge space for development.