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MEPS: 2015 global stainless steel production reached 42.1 million tons, or

Source: Yangtze River Nonferrous Metals

  Today, MEPS expects global crude steel production hit a new high, reaching 42.1 million tons. The yield on behalf of global stainless steel production will increase by 1.0% on the basis of last year's record output on. MEPS expects global stainless steel production will further moderate growth next year, global stainless steel production peak of 43 million tons.

  In the first six months of 2014 compared with the same period in stainless steel production decreased by 0.75%. MEPS expects the second half of 2015, global stainless steel production year on year growth will recover to around 2.8%.

Regionally, MEPS expects the United States and South Korea in 2015 the total output of stainless steel will be higher than last year, but in Japan, Taiwan and the EU will be lower than last year.

2016, China's stainless steel production will further moderate growth of 1.8%; in 2015, stainless steel production in the EU is expected to fall 1.6 percent year on year, down to 7.125 million tons in 2016 will grow by 15 million tons; stainless steel production in 2015 is expected to decline in Japan to 3.125 million tons, down 6.3%; stainless steel production in Japan is expected in 2016 will grow by 10 million tons; South Korea's stainless steel output in 2015 is likely to grow 7.8% in the last year on the basis; 2016 is expected to Korea stainless steel production increased 1.1 %.