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Not only publish the passing rate, which tells you what can not be installed stainless steel mug

                                                                                                                       China Quality News Network

      February 23, Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision held a news conference to announce the 2016 mug supervision and checking of results. Principal products in Jiangsu Province Bureau of Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute, Suzhou City Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute conducted mug product quality supervision and inspection, a total of enterprise, commercial products, electronic business platform 145 checks batches of samples, qualified 121 batches, pass rate of 83%.

      According to Jiangsu Province, hospital quality product engineer Zhu Ge Haitao introduction, this relates to the detection capacity, sealed with a lid (plug) and hot water odor, sealing, insulation performance and impact resistance 5 projects. Among them, sealing, seal cover (plug) and hot smell, impact resistance and other three projects a pass rate of 100%, failed mainly is the capacity and effectiveness of the insulation capacity of the project failed batches --24; 1 batch performance insulation project failed. Price-wise, the price of 200 yuan more than the mug all qualified products; higher passing rate of 50 to 100 yuan price stalls; product qualification rate of the other two stalls price is roughly equal.

       In daily life, many consumers will be fitted with a stainless steel mug juices, fruit tea, carbonated drinks and other acidic liquids, whether this would pose a security risk? To answer this question, a group of inspectors to do comparative experiments for testing the impact of water with an acid solution for stainless steel mug migration of heavy metals.

      Testers to simulate the acidic food with 4% acetic acid (pH value of about 2.5), another simulated liquid is water, the two types of simulated liquid was poured into mug rapid boil and close the lid, and at room temperature (20 ℃ ) to stand at ambient for 24 hours, the results showed that 145 batches of liquid water simulation of migration of heavy metals is very small, are below the detection limit; 145 batches of acidic fluid simulation in 45 batches of products have different degrees of heavy metal migration . This shows that acidic foods will accelerate the migration of heavy metals in the insulation cup.

      Experts said that when used properly stainless steel mug, heavy metal migration is often a very slow speed, usually does not affect human health. However, when placing a relatively large acidity food, migration rate will increase, likely to migrate out in a short time more heavy metals. Over time will inevitably lead to heavy metals accumulate in the body, it will damage the health of more than a certain amount. In addition, the naked eye often can not identify and detect heavy metal migration, security risks that are difficult to be found, potentially more harmful. Therefore, experts suggest, do not install acidic foods with a stainless steel mug.

      Many people like to use stainless steel mug to brew green tea, do it right in the end? Inspectors at the conference site to do an experiment - were taken roughly equivalent capacity a mug and a glass, take the same quality of tea into two cups of boiling water was added the same mass. After 10 minutes, detected by a thermometer, the glass temperature decreased to 50 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, and the insulation cup water temperature is above 85 ℃. Experimental results show that the oxidation of stainless steel mug tea polyphenols will accelerate to a certain extent, it is bound to lead to the loss tea. Therefore, experts recommend that consumers not to use insulation foam cups of green tea.

      In addition, Zhu Ge Haitao also suggested that some of the high thermal insulation properties of stainless steel mug and outlet design is too small, there is a risk of burns; use of some high-manganese steel liner low nickel products, its corrosion resistance is far and 304 stainless steel, in easier migration of heavy metals in acidic medium, its poor health and safety performance.

      Suzhou City hospital quality product engineer Liu Lixia presentation of the stainless steel mug Buying Guide: try in regular stores, supermarkets purchase; size according to the capacity, using the occasion, later use, price and other factors to buy; look at the product label, check the appearance of the inside mug purchase, including the interior surface color is uniform, the interior is smooth weld, the outer surface if there are glitches, the lid and the cup body is screwed is close, seals, etc; identification, signs and brochures, etc. whether a raised seal member, loose against software and so on.

In everyday use, consumers should pay attention to matters include: If you want other food mug mounted Please pay attention to product labeling, marking and instructions for use; it is best not carbonated beverages, do not install more acidic foods for a long time; try to avoid impact or fall; do not scrub the interior surface with a steel ball; seals regularly removed for seals, seals in contact with the cover parts cleaning.