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Stainless steel kettle "Food Grade 304" is the best material

Daily use of the electric kettle, became healthy culprit? According to Jiangsu Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau sampling of the latest report, 55.6% of product kettles manganese content of about 10%, long-term excessive intake of manganese metal body will affect the function of the nervous system, resulting in memory loss, lethargy, malaise, neurological disorders and other symptoms.

Monitoring results shocking, in the end what kind of material, which brand of electric kettle that was safe? Experts in an interview with reporters, said the "food-grade 304" mark the best material, and machine safety is the best.

304 is the optimal food grade material

So, what kind of material it safe? News jargon and GB9684 304 in the end what does that mean?

In fact, GB9684 full name "Stainless Steel" (GB9684-2011) national food safety standards. When heavy metal stainless steel products in use exceeds the limit migration, there are potentially harmful to human health, cooker chromium, cadmium, nickel, lead and heavy metals precipitation amount index made strict rules, and food-grade stainless steel that is in line with the standard GB9684 stainless steel.

In line with GB9684-2011 standard food-grade stainless steel, and food grade 304 stainless steel is one of the best in line with GB9684, and therefore become a lot of kitchen electric company preferred material.

In fact, up to the national standard GB9684 is the pass line, the choice of food-grade 304, much higher than the national safety standards. As high-quality and low-quality stainless steel, the appearance of the difference is not obvious, difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, so to good health, we must look for "food grade 304" sign when the user to select an electric kettle.

Substandard products are mostly small brands

So, when consumers buy electric kettle, how to choose the brand?

In fact, the last two years, checks whether or AQSIQ, Jiangsu Province, rejected an electric kettle, mostly small brands.

The high-quality, well-known brand of stainless steel kettle housing more food grade 304 stainless steel. Therefore, when consumers buy electric kettle, choose well-known brands, select the "three guarantees" service commitment products, choose the "three guarantees" service commitment of well-known electronic business platform, etc., it will reduce the risk.

Machine safety to be healthy

In fact, for higher usage electric kettle, the only manganese content is not exceeded, the material is not enough qualified and, most importantly, the whole security. Real security, is a strict quality assurance system, to achieve the machine safety products.

Specifically, the first, material security, for example, the material elements of stainless steel to meet national standards. Second, the process safety. High temperature, high pressure, acid alkaline oily, long process, material and function remain stable. Third, the actual simulation food processing, machine to comply with safety standards. Fourth, because the government's examination belong lottery, so manufacturers have the ability to ensure product consistency, and all products are tested and random samples, consistent quality. So, choose the industry leader in brand can feel at ease.