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Common stainless steel blasting process introduced species

      Stainless steel blasting process is the use of abrasive blasting process by way of the stainless steel surface processing, so that the stainless steel surface to produce a processing effect way of landscaping.

     Stainless steel blasting process usually has two kinds.

     Dry sandblasting, dry blasting is a common but also a multi-purpose way blasting process, he has a high efficiency, low-cost blasting process, even stainless steel surface after processing the same. But processed stainless steel if desired particularly high, after blasting need to do a complete surface treatment.

     Wet blasting, wet blasting is a stainless steel surface blasting process requires a high way, after wet blasting stainless steel surface atomization delicate surface uniform, after wet sandblasting is completed, need to quickly clean out the surface water stains, processing efficiency is relatively slow dry blasting, equipment cost is higher than the dry sand. spray