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Why choose stainless steel electropolishing

       Daily life increasingly widespread use of stainless steel, stainless steel products are more and more widely used. Such as: tableware, furniture, medical equipment, etc., it requires not only environmentally friendly, durable, but also for the appearance of bright, beautiful and electrolytic polishing process is just to meet different shapes of bright polished stainless steel products, treated electropolished stainless steel products not only looks beautiful, but the new electrolytic polishing stainless steel products comply with environmental requirements, to meet the diverse needs of the market, while more businesses and manufacturers to bring endless opportunities.

       So why choose stainless steel electrolytic polishing?

       Manual polishing and polishing into electrolytic polishing. The biggest problem is that the presence of artificial polishing it takes a lot of labor, labor intensive, and the power and material consumption, too. Electropolishing easy operation, high effect, low cost, and can throw thrown manual polishing less than the dead. Therefore, as far as possible in the production process of electrolytic polishing, electrolytic polishing is the reverse behavior plating, the surface can be removed in a 1-5 margin wire, electrolytic polishing under the action of the electrolyte and the current carried one important principle is that micro peak priority is removed, and the macro-contour of the workpiece will not be changed. Bright surface obtained directly from the cell in order to reduce or even avoid artificial polished heavy workload.

         After electrolytic polishing the workpiece surface will produce a passivation layer to improve corrosion resistance. Effectively remove burrs, improve the corrosion resistance of stainless steel, anti-fingerprint effect, increase the brightness. Stainless steel surface looks more comfortable and more beautiful.